Hardeep Singh Aulakh


OBJECTIVE               Seeks a challenging career in System Administration.

EDUCATION              Graduated in June 1991 with BSCS (Computer Science).


1. Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE)

                                       2. Certified in BSDI (UNIX) Internet Server

                                        3. IBM certified for AS/400 RPG, COBOL, CL 

                                           &  SQL/400


· Content Delivery Network (CDN) Static and Streaming 2-Year Experience).

· UNIX (Solaris, Linux, Free BSD, BSDI) (4 year experience) .

· WINDOWS (WinNT, Win95 & 98, Win 2000). (6 years experience).

· IBM AS/400 (CISC & RISC) (1 year experience) .

· Internet Protocols: TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP, WINS, Telnet and FTP.


· Netapps C6100, C1100 Series (Cache).

· Cisco Arrow Point CS11800, CS11150 (Content Smart Switch).

· Extreme Summit 4800 series (Three Layer Switch).

· DELL (Power Edge 6100/200,4200).

· COMPAQ   (Proliant-5000, 1600R).

· HP-Net server LPR, LH-II, K Clase-9000, D Class.

· IBM AS/400 ( S-20e , F-35).

· Sun (Ultra Sparc Enterprise 3500, E450, E20, Ultra Sparc 30).

· RAID (HITACHI 5700 series, IBM 9337, CMD).

· WAN Connectivity (T1, DS3. OC3, OC48).


· Window NT (MSSQL, ORACLE, PCAnywhere, ARC Server, Seagate Server, DHCP, WINS,  IIS, ILS (Internet Locator Server), Media Server, CTI (Computer Telephony Integration), Eudora, Outlook (4 Years).

· StarTeam (Source code management system).

· UNIX (Send mail, Netscape Fast Track and apache Web server, Chili soft ASP, X-window, Netscape.

· Raid) (3Years).

· IBM AS/400 (Raid, MMIX/400) (1Years).


C, Visual BASIC, JAVA Scripts, HTML, ABAP/4 , UNIX shell script, FORTRAN,

COBOL, Pascal, Dbase, FoxPro, SAP(SD)


March 2001 – Feb 2002: - Globix Internet Exchange Inc. (Permanent)

Operation Manager 

The Primary responsibilities are to manage the flow of procedures for all operation-related processes for EarthCache CDN (Content Delivery Network) service.That includes: - 

Project completed: -

· Deployed CDN (Static) network in seven locations worldwide with in Globix network.   This include deployment of hardware (HP-lpr Servers and Extreme switch) installation and  configuration.

· Helped to deployed CDN (Streaming) network in 5 locations with in Globix network.  This Includes deployment of hardware  (Netapps C6100 C1105 and Cisco PDNS CS11150),  software installation and update.

· Develop training documentation to train NOC (Network Operation Center) engineer.

· Developed documentation and procedures for ‘customer implementation, CDN faq  and troubleshooting procedure.

On-going Task: -

· The customer’s implementation for CDN service, that includes gathering all technical     information for customer web site, coordination with engineers to set up customer’s      website for caching and helping for tagging customer’s website.

· Providing Pre Sale support to Globix Account rep and sales engineers.

· Monitoring and troubleshooting CDN customers.

· Monitoring bandwidth usages and performance of all customers using CDN Tools.

· Managing Globix worldwide CDN network, it includes coordination for adding,     removing and trouble shooting hardware.

· Responsibility to identify performance-deficient regions and make network and    deployment recommendations to address these weaknesses.

· Resolving all EarthCache (CDN) tickets issued by customers as well as internal issue    using Remedy systems.

· Available 24/7, and tier-2 support to all Content Delivery customers.


Jan. 2000 – Feb 2001:- Speedera Network Inc. (Permanent)

Sr. Network Deployment Engineer 

Joined as 12th employee, reporting to VP of operation deployed their worldwide network (Point Of Presence) in 100 different data centers on 71 different networks.


The primary responsibility was to expand Speedera Network’s Global footprint.This includes: - 

· Found and contacted best Telecom and IP Networks (collocation providers) in each country.

· Obtained Technical information regarding their network that includes their private and public peering arrangement, their backbone connectivity, Network architect. Foot print and total number of internet user.

· Based upon the data provided by the companies, done performance analysis (using trace  route, mtr, ping, Keynote agents and some other tools) from different locations and different network to find most suitable location for servers collocation.

· Provided technical requirement for servers to data center vendors and bought racks space, Bandwidth and requested require IP addresses for servers and router from them.

· Scheduled, configured, shipped and installed equipments (servers and router). Co-ordinate with colo- provider's technical team to install/bringing up equipments live.

· Daily performance analysis of exiting production POP (Point of Presence) and their network using Keynote data and some other in-house tools.

· Helped IT to setup internal network (LAN) .

· Developed procedures (documents) for deployment: Hardware/software installation  configuring and trouble shooting servers and switches.

· Developed and provided the Marketing department with network maps and weekly network performance data, to be used for Marketing/Sales collateral. 

· Negotiation for collocation space and bandwidth prices.

· Work closely with internal or third party groups to resolve technical issues.

Sept1999 - Present:- Charles Schwab & Co Inc (Contract)

System Administrator 

Working with company's Web Application Development depart. Duties  are to setup Web server such as IIS on NT and Netscape Fast track  on Solaris, setting up Internet Locator Server (ILS) for NetMeeting, Microsoft Media Server and Microsoft Theater Server.

Setting up Chilisoft ASP and Microsoft Front Page 2000 Extension on Netscape fast track server and Apache on Solaris .Responsibilities are also includes to set up  Microsoft Net show theater Server to run Power Point broadcasting ( voice, video and slide together) ...

July 1999- Sept 1999:- Hitachi Software  (Contract)

System Administrator 

The responsibilities are  Managing and planning all internal network. That includes Manage UNIX servers (BSDI) running Sendmail, DNS and Web, UNIX Ware running  firewall (Cyberguard), NT servers running as File server, RAS server and Print server. Managed user accounts, security, archiving, backups and restores on the network. Troubleshoot and resolve hardware issues Design and administer a backup solution. Prepared documentation for disaster recovery procedures, consisting of contact lists  for internal and external support, network configuration, maintenance schedules. Planned and implementing network from scratch for new unit of company.

    Jan. 1999-July199 :-  ASPECT TELECOMMUNICATION (Contract)

System Administrator

The responsibility for maintaining NT Domain (200 users) and provide daily system      administration such as Backup, Managing disk storage, add/remove user account        and workstation, add/remove software packages and patches , maintaining  internal web site, DHCP and WINS server.

Duties also include installing and configuring servers and Laptop  with NT, UNIX, MSSQL and   Oracle, Configuring ODBC connectivity to Databases, taking backup of database ,   maintaining a standalone ACD (Automatic Call Distributor) System. Working close  with developer's team to conduct system support of their efforts.

Worked with Source Code Management Application Star Team . this include Installation , moving , updation of application and database. Creating , deleting and managing user for Star team. Taking daily backup etc..                                     

Installation and configuration of newly developed application by developers.

Installation and configuration of third party software such  as pcANYwhere , Ghost , ARC Server for backup, CTI( Computer Telephony Integration) Server.

Jan1998-Nov1998 HITACHI DATA SYSTEMS (Contract)

System Administrator/QA Engineer

Primary responsibilities is to test various middleware on the following platforms: IBM AS/400 , NT , UNIX . Midleware software includes FirstWatch and SafePath on NT and MIMIX/400 on AS/400 attaching with Hitachi RAID drive Subsystem 5700 series .

Duties also includes to test basic functionality of Raid subsystem on various platform including UNIX, NT and AS/400.

Setup/Install AS/400, Cumulative Package Install, OS/400 upgrade OS/400 TCP/IP setup, DASD mirroring, duplexing, and

RAID configuration, PC Support and Client Access/400,SNA over Ethernet. Configured APPC/APPN connectivity.

Configured multiple IBM AS/400's and PC's running WinNT and UNIX in a heterogeneous network using TCP/IP .

Duties also include Backup , restore, upgrade and patches installation on all servers.

Installation and configuration of MSSQL server

This involved writing, modifying, test scripts , test planes (procedures) and test results.


Jul1996-Jan 1998 Telenet System Solutions Inc. (Permanent)

System Installation and Product Integration

Installed various operating systems such as Solaris, BSDI, Linux, FreeBSD, Window NT and NetWare. Configured and

compiled UNIX kernels according to hardware specifications. Installed patches on all platform. Configured WinNT &

UNIX (BSDI) as a software router. Configured different level of RAID sub system   & wrote shell scripts for

testing RAID units. Installed Back Office application such as MSSQL, Exchange server on Windows NT. Tested and did

trouble shooting of  100 BaseT and ethernet boards in UNIX & WinNT environment. Configuring FTP, DNS and

print servers and clients in UNIX & NT.

Mar1993-Jun 1996 National College of Computer Technology (Permanent)

System Manager –

Analyzed and tested software which included black box, white box and reliability testing.

Managed the computer department, which assembled, repaired and tested computers for customer. Provided continuous

customer support. Administered and managed all in house computer tasks.

Adding and removing the workstations from the network

 Final Quality Control of the systems and provided technical support to customers


Jun1991- Feb 1993 GND Engineering College


Taught computer related subjects and managed a computer lab . Helping the students to develop a different type of

training projects. Assisted in system administration.


1. Terminal emulation and file transfer between UNIX and DOS Developed in C as a part of the degree course to transmit key board  entries to host, receive characters from the host and process them either as received data and display on screen' or 'upon receiving an escape sequenced a control character to perform other necessary action.

File transfers between UNIX and DOS.

2. Railway Reservation System

  Developed as a part of AS/400 training using Cobol/400,RPG/400, CL/400 a railway reservations system. Performed validations, assigned seats based on dates and availability,  printed tickets and status reports.

REFERENCE       Available upon request                            

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